Friday, March 15, 2013

Risk factors of Diabetes mellitus

Risk factors of Diabetes mellitus

Risk factors of Diabetes mellitus
Different types of diabetes mellitus have different risk factors. In type 1 of the diabetes mellitus the following factors influence the development of this condition:
·        Hereditary: In a family that one close relative suffers from diabetes, chances of another family member developing the same ranges from 10 to 15 percent.
·        Proteins derived from the cow’s milk: consuming cow’s milk in the early stages of your childhood can expose you to the risk of developing this condition.
·        Childhood or fetal viral infections
·        High blood pressure during the expectancy period ( Preeclampsia) can lead to the baby developing type 1 diabetes.
·        Birth weight that is above 9.9 pounds

·        Mothers above the age of 25 are at risk of giving birth to children with diabetes type 1
On the other hand, factors that can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes include:
·        This condition is hereditary and can be as a result of a first or second degree relative having suffered from the condition.
·        Age factor: old age can also favor the development of this health condition
·        History of gestational diabetes
·        Abdominal obesity
·        Nationality and race: people hailing from countries like Asia, Pacific Islands and African-Americans, Latinos, American Indian/Alaska have a high probability of contracting type-2 diabetes.


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  2. Yes. A diabetic patient can lead a normal life by keeping DM controlled.