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Complication of abortion

Complication of abortion

Complication of abortion
Surgical abortion is a safe and legal procedure. Medical abortion has an even lower incidence of complications due to the fact that no anesthesia is used. Women may suffer immediate complications after an elective abortion. The complications of abortion should be explained thoroughly to every woman that will undergo this procedure. These complications can have a major impact on future pregnancies.

Perforation of the uterus is a very serious complication. Hospitalization is needed too for observation and completion of the abortion. It is rarely caused by an instrument that had punctured the wall of the uterus. If the damage is serious, an abdominal operation is needed such as removal of uterus (hysterectomy).
Infection is the result of bacteria or virus from the vagina and cervix that gets into the uterus. The infection resulted from abortion can be treated by antibiotics. If not, hospitalization or surgery is required for severe cases.
Additional complication of abortion is retained tissue. During the process of abortion, the parts of the unborn child – umbilical cord, amniotic sac and placenta are cut and removed. If the abortionist fails to remove all of these, others issues like fever, pain, infection and bleeding may arise.
Hemorrhage occurs rarely, medication may help the uterus to contract when there is excessive bleeding. A repeat dilation and curettage is also possible to correct the bleeding. Cervical laceration can also happen during the procedure. Stitches may be needed to repair the injury but in most cases it heals quickly on its own because the tear is only minimal.
 Included in the possible risk is cardiac arrest. This is thought to be due to a medical reaction in the use of local anesthetic. Some women are also allergic to Novocain derivatives that can cause anesthesia reactions.
The risk of dying from childbirth is greater than from early abortion. It s the most serious of all complications. The risk of death increases according to the abortion technique used and the duration of pregnancy.
The psychological issues regarding abortion are often overlooked. Some women who had previously undergone surgical abortion have complained of symptoms similar to those that accompany post traumatic stress syndrome. While some may felt relief as their initial reaction after the procedure, others may soon be followed by a feeling of numbness. Other symptoms may include nervousness, deep sense of guilt or regret and depression. Some may even exhibit social regression and sexual dysfunction. 

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